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Product Information

Limited Edition:

Limited Edition Artist’s Proofs: At this early stage of nearly all of the first two Giclée prints of each painting are available. These have been designated by the artist as “Artist’s Proofs,” i.e. the very first two of each painting print. They are the first to be printed for the artist’s approval and are the most likely prints to grow in value over time.

All​ prints from will be limited to 24 prints of each piece of art. That means any single print will be one of only 24 ever produced. (Letters of Authenticity will be mailed separate from delivery of the completed print.) The only exception to our quantity guarantee is us having to replace a lost or damaged print, which would be numbered to fit into its original order.

There is no extra charge for an Artist Proof. All 24 prints of a single artwork will be sold at the same price (modified only by our customer’s decision to purchase rolled canvas or stretched canvas). Each Giclée print will be marked with its edition number on a fold-over border of canvas. Originals priced as shown.

  1. The first print (Artist Proof) will be marked as AP/1 of 24, and the second as AP/2 of 24
  2. Subsequent prints will be identified as 3 of 24, 4 of 24, 5 of 24, et al. For example: a marking of 4 of 24 means you have purchased the fourth Giclée produced of 24 limited edition prints.



Ordinarily, does not offer framing service because those costs would have to be passed on as marked up beyond normal retail framing prices, and it would be nearly impossible to anticipate how a frame of our choosing would look within your home or office décor. So, we leave those decisions to you and your local framer

We want happy customers and will work hard to please you. Always feel free to contact us via email at Please identify yourself in the email subject line with “Boyles Art.”